Software Solutions

Today’s technology provides us with unprecedented opportunities to make planning and management of your campaigns even easier and above all, to deliver consistently better value and ROI on every product.

Our IT team are constantly searching the globe for the best solutions to enhance our communication and experience with our clients to secure optimum efficiency, effectiveness and return on investment.

Our uniquely created software platform, ePagination, is designed specifically for our clients It enables ease of use for all staff members to handle complicated print scheduling, collaborate with other staff in real time to ensure major print runs are kept to schedule.

The feature-set is rich and diverse, enabling a variety of organisations to handle print runs efficiently and keep staff costings to a minimum.

With detailed tracking and reporting analytics, it is quickly becoming the preferred application for large run print houses.

At a glance snapshots enable managers to view outstanding print orders, manage publication inserts and book runs for up to a year in advance all in a simple efficient workflow that printers are embracing around Australia.

Paginations granular permission controls allow for directors, operators and end clients to view their print order request in real time and to keep an eye on their costings leading up to the print run and clients advertising campaign.

This, plus many of the other features available from Elephant Group’s Pagination product range are transforming the print industry in Australia, don’t let your firm be left behind today, contact Elephant Group on: 03 9088 0778